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Terms & Conditions

CUSTOMER SERVICE POLICY: Iconic Pineapple takes great pride in guaranteeing customer satisfaction. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, simply call our Customer Service Department at 410.910.8309.

PRICE LIST: Prices are subject to change without notice as per pricing and availability of production components. Moulding and other materials are subject to change per availability.

ORDERING: All orders will be acknowledged as soon as possible after placement. Security hardware can be added at an extra cost of $5 per piece of art.

PRODUCT CHANGES: We are willing to make changes to existing products when it is possible to do so. Mats and moulding changes are at an additional cost of $20 per change.

ARTWORK CHANGES: Changes to lettering, minor changes to image, substituting maps (one location for another), are at an additional cost of $20 per change.

COLOR MATCH™: Color changes are at an additional cost of $20 per item. There is only one change per item, either foreground color or background color as per specifications.

GLOBAL PRODUCT CHANGES: Changes that involve size or changes to the essence or scope of the design are considered global and will involve re-pricing.

ORDER MINIMUM: $750.00. Any exceptions must have written company approval and must be prepaid with a check or credit card. There is a $50 charge for under minimum orders.

PAYMENT AND TERMS: Opening orders must be pre-paid, unless applying for credit. Any order of $1,000 or less must be paid by credit card. Credit applications for net 30 terms require a minimum of 3 business days for processing. We no longer use Amerisource as our factor. Orders will not be processed for production until payment arrangements have been finalized. We accept most major credit cards. A 1.75% charge is added for each month on past due accounts. A 4% service fee will be added to any orders that are paid by credit card after the term of the invoice.

LEAD TIME: All orders are manufactured on demand and typically shipped within 4-6 weeks of order placement. Iconic Pineapple will accommodate specific ship dates to the best of our ability as our production schedule permits. Please indicate a “must have by” date at the time of order placement.

SHIPPING: Iconic Pineapple will use its judgment to choose both carrier and route unless specific instructions are provided at the time of order placement. Iconic Pineapple attempts to comply with reasonable special instructions and delivery requests if they do not conflict with Iconic Pineapple terms and conditions. Shipping costs are based on the assumption of dock to dock shipping unless otherwise specified on your order acknowledgement. If you require any of the following adjustments, please notify us immediately as it will affect freight costs. Any alterations made after the shipment leaves the warehouse that result in additional charges will be the customer's responsibility. 

Please specify if any of the following are required to deliver your order:

Lift Gate

Delivery Appointment

Notify Before Delivery

Limited Access Locations

Residential Delivery

All shipments must be inspected when unloaded from the carrier, opened, and checked immediately. In the unlikely event of shipping damage, any visible damage must be noted on the shipping document, with a copy to driver, for claims to be honored. Pictures should document packaging, shipment condition, and materials held. Hidden damage requires documentation with photographs and written notification within the first 24 hours from receipt. These are carrier requirements and while rare and unlikely, procedures must be adhered to for claims to be honored. The buyer takes delivery of goods being shipped once goods leave the shipping dock. Your freight will be prepaid. Any alterations to freight BOL, missed appointments, rerouting, storage or other issues surrounding the delivery of freight that result in additional charges will be the customer's responsibility. If there is a Limited Access Shipping Fee on your order, please be advised that this is a fee assessed by the freight companies and applies to a defined list of locations determined by the carrier.

FUEL SURCHARGE: A 2% fuel surcharge will be added to all orders. This charge reflects a pass-through from freight companies, which is often far higher. It is not deductible or refundable.

ORDER CHANGES AND CANCELED ORDERS: Any cancellation or change(s) to your order must be submitted in writing within 24 hours of order acknowledgement. Any request for delivery postponement after the scheduled ship date may result in transfer of the order to storage at your expense and risk. Transfer to storage will be considered delivery for all purposes including invoicing and payment.

BACKORDERS: Occasionally, items are backordered due to supplier shortages. Backorders under $500 are subject to cancellation. If backorders are unacceptable, customers should request “ship complete” at the time an order is placed.

RETURNS: Iconic Pineapple does not accept returns.

DAMAGES AND FREIGHT CLAIM PROCEDURES: While damages are a rare occurrence, please inspect your shipment thoroughly upon arrival. Please note any damages/shortages on the bill of lading before you sign for receipt of the shipment. Iconic Pineapple will file the freight claim. Any concealed or obvious damage and/or shortage must be reported to the Customer Service Department at Iconic Pineapple no later than 5 days after customer receipt. Once reported, Iconic Pineapple will provide customers with additional instructions as to how the situation is to be rectified. In cases of damaged product, please save the original container until the customer service issue is resolved.


Iconic Pineapple is a trade-only website and registration must be approved with appropriate wholesale credentials.

Product brands available on the website:

  • Iconic Pineapple
  • Big Fish
  • New Century
  • Cypress Lane